star RFA Electrode

The all-in-one solution for your clinical need

Continuous innovation

The monopolar star RF Electrode is designed to target various conditions in multiple body systems such as the thyroid, uterus, bone, liver, kidney, etc.

The complete solution

Our star RF Electrode features 3 gauge sizes, 6 shaft lengths, and 6 active tip lengths to provide uncompromised treatment for various indications.

The cutting-edge sharpness

The star RF Electrode features a scalpel-sharp trocar tip that promotes smooth tissue puncturability without the need for an incision.

RFA Electrode Scalpel-sharp trocar tip
Various sizies of a RFA Electrode Scalpel-sharp trocar tip

Smart shaft design

Improved metal coating on the shaft enhances ultrasound visibility for precise lesion targeting. Markings on the shaft facilitate accurate estimation of nodule penetration depth.

Ergonomically improved

With customer feedback, we’ve made our handles lighter and smaller to facilitate smooth action and easy maneuverability for precision control.

RFA Electrode handle
RFA Electrode

Internal cooling system

The built-in internal cooling system maximizes the ablation margin while minimizing tissue charring.