Radiofrequency Ablation Generator

One generator. Multiple applications.

Continuous innovation

For over 20 years, STARmed has been committed to innovation, pushing the frontiers in thermal ablation and expanding the applications of RFA across multiple body systems. The VIVA combo RF Generator enables an advanced radiofrequency ablation system, ideal for percutaneous and endo-luminal ultrasound-guided RF procedures to address unmet clinical needs.

Intuitive user interface with buttons on Radiofrequency Ablation Generator

Intuitive user interface

Real-time monitoring of the procedure progress with the user-friendly front panel. Intuitive power dial with push buttons, designed to simplify user operations.

Wide power range

With a range of 5 to 200 Watts, the VIVA combo RF Generator can treat tumors of varying sizes and compositions, from smaller nodules in the thyroid and parathyroid gland to larger tumors in the liver, lung, kidney, bone, and uterus.

Wide power range on Radiofrequency Ablation Generator
Four innovative modes Radiofrequency Ablation Generator

Four innovative modes

Versatile for ablative procedures across the body with four distinct ablation modes designed to deliver and sustain the optimal temperature range according to the specific procedures.

Real-time impedance monitor

Continuous, real-time impedance feedback on soft tissue to guide your ablation. VIVA combo RF Generator ensures consistent and predictable ablation zones for enhanced precision and control.

Real-time impedance monitor on Radiofrequency Ablation Generator
radiofrequency ablation generator

Safety-centric design

Audible alert tones and automatic power shutoff to prevent over ablation and unintended damage to adjacent tissues, ensuring a safe and reliable procedure process.

Active-tip cooling

The VIVA Pump cools the RF electrode active tip using saline circulation, enhancing safety and efficacy in STARmed Thyroid RFA procedures by reducing carbonization, maximizing ablation margins, and minimizing injury to adjacent structures.

Active-tip cooling for radiofrequency ablation generator