VIVA II Adjustable Monopolar Electrode

One electrode. Multiple solutions.

The future of monopolar electrode radiofrequency ablation begins with the VIVA II. Our monopolar electrode configuration with an adjustable active tip technology is the first of its kind in the United States. Discover the features that set this next-generation tool apart.

The versatile solution

The VIVA II monopolar RF Electrode is pioneered for versatility with its adjustable active tip to achieve large central ablations as well as smaller, precise peripheral ablations. It includes six active tip lengths, with the ability to safely toggle mid-procedure for seamless application.

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The Next-Gen tumor ablation

The versatile VIVA II enables adjustable ablation, targeting multiple lesions of different sizes in one session with one electrode. More efficient treatment leads to increased patient satisfaction and more positive outcomes.

Clinically proven

Achieve next-level precision with the tool utilized in 80% of clinical articles referencing thyroid RFA. We take pride in the high-quality clinical evidence gathered through global collaborative research initiatives.

Sharper than ever

STARmed dedicated years of research to sharpen up its electrode tips. Experience smoother skin punctures and effortless lesion access with VIVA II’s latest sharp technology. Clinicians consistently complete treatment without the need for an incision, making it one of the least invasive RFA electrodes on the market.

Adjustable Monopolar Electrode sharp tip

Cost-effective inventory

The VIVA II monopolar RF electrode features 6 active tip lengths from 5mm to 30mm in 5 mm increments, eliminating the need to stock multiple electrode sizes.

Unparalleled handling experience

The lighter and smaller handle promotes a comfortable grip for better precision control. The upgraded tubing system simplifies organization and procedure management. We also collaborated with clinicians to develop the most stable pump system available. The result was a reduction in vibrations, enhancing physician control and ensuring the most precise treatment possible.

Smaller handle of adjustable monopolar electrode that promotes an upgraded tubing system