ELRA Bipolar Electrode

Endo-luminal Radiofrequency Ablation Electrode

The flexible electrode

ELRATM  is an endoluminal bipolar RF catheter designed for Hepatopancreatobiliary duct treatments with automatic temperature control.

Uncompromised treatment

Percutaneous approach

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VIVA combo Generator with ELRA Bipolar Electrode

Dedicated generator

When paired with the VIVA combo Generator, ELRA confirms the completion of an endoluminal ablation and prevents the over-application of energy via real-time impedance monitoring.

VIVA combo RF Generator’s Temperature Sensing System

Temperature sensing

The VIVA combo RF Generator’s unique Temperature Sensing System enables ELRA to detect temperatures, automatically shutting off upon achieving successful ablation or in case of inadequate contact.

Temperature sensing scale
Various ELRA Bipolar electrode lengths

A portfolio of sizes

The ELRA electrode features a range of ablative lengths – 11mm, 18mm, 22mm, and 33mm, catering to diverse anatomies and stricture locations and ensuring versatile treatment options for various indications.

Easy navigation

With a 7FR catheter and conical tip, ELRA enables seamless navigation through narrow ducts in even the most complex anatomies.

ELRA 7FR catheter and conical tip