STARmed Co., Ltd. and TaeWoong Medical USA are launching STARmed America Inc.


South Korea, [Aug 1st, 2023] – STARmed Co., Ltd, a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in thermal ablation technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its subsidiary, STARmed America, in the United States. This strategic move aims to strengthen the company’s commitment to serving customers directly and closely while fostering collaboration with the USA market to advance cutting-edge thermal ablation technology.

STARmed Co., Ltd has emerged as a young and fast-growing company, dedicated to revolutionizing thermal ablation technology. The company specializes in radiofrequency ablation generators and electrodes, establishing a strong reputation both domestically and internationally. Now, STARmed is excited to extend its presence and establish STARmed America as a vital hub for innovation and collaboration in the United States.

One of STARmed’s primary focuses has been on working closely with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in the medical field to develop leading-edge radiofrequency (RF) technology for various clinical applications. Its US branch, STARmed America, will further cultivate this culture of innovation and strengthen its relationships with KOLs. Through strategic partnerships, STARmed America aims to explore and pursue potential opportunities for the joint development of advanced technologies, solidifying its commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical advancements.

“The mission at STARmed is to maintain the highest levels of innovation, knowledge, and technical expertise to provide solutions that enhance patient comfort and improve the quality of their lives,” stated Henry Shin, CEO at STARmed Co., Ltd. “With the launch of STARmed America, we are poised to deliver on this mission by working closely with our USA customers and leveraging potential opportunities to advance thermal ablation technology even further.”

With a remarkable presence in over 79 countries worldwide, STARmed has become a globally recognized and respected name in the industry. While originally focused on Liver RFA, STARmed has made significant strides in the development of RF technologies for Thyroid RFA. In less than 8 years, STARmed has emerged as the global leader in Thyroid RFA, with over 70% of clinical studies conducted using STARmed devices. The exceptional clinical results and low complication rates associated with the company’s devices demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of STARmed’s technology.

As STARmed embarks on this exciting journey with the launch of STARmed America, the company recommits itself to pushing the boundaries of thermal ablation technology and delivering unparalleled value to healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. STARmed is confident that its expanded presence in the USA will facilitate even greater advancements, furthering the mission to improve patient outcomes and transform lives.

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