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STARmed America is dedicated to transforming patient care by pioneering minimally invasive procedures with cutting-edge thermal ablation devices

Expanding the horizons of soft tissue ablation

We began by focusing on liver radiofrequency ablation (RFA) with our commitment to improving patient care.
Our grand vision is to improve the quality of life for patients worldwide. We work directly with clinicians to create RFA equipment that solves real clinical problems. We were able to improve versatility and patient outcomes through collaboration and innovation.

Next, we are helping physicians tackle thyroid nodules by developing the first thyroid-dedicated RF electrode.
Our thyroid ablation system allows for effective, minimally invasive, and efficient treatment of nodules. Patients with functioning (AFTN) and non-functioning benign thyroid nodules (NFBTN) see more than 80% reduction in nodule size after 12 months1,2.3, experiencing fewer symptoms and an improved quality of life.

Today, we are the global leader in thyroid RFA.
We continue to expand our horizons to treat more patients with the least invasive methods possible. Patients need less anesthesia, fewer treatments, and less recovery time. Efficient, intuitive devices allow clinicians to focus on the patient experience. Our cost-effective, time-saving treatments consistently improve life for patients and medical practitioners alike.

One generator. Multiple applications.

Our radiofrequency ablation machine is the most versatile and efficient model available, featuring enhanced adaptability with power level up to 200W.

VIVA combo RF Generator
VIVA combo RF Generator

Consistency and precision

RF electrodes ablate soft tissue with targeted heat application, preserving healthy tissue and eliminating the need for lifetime medication.

STARmed RF Electrode
STARmed RF Electrode

Advancing palliative care

Our endoluminal RF ablation machine offers a percutaneous approach to hepatopancreatobiliary duct treatments.


When it comes to patient care, experience matters

STARmed America has been innovating for over 20 years. We were the first company in the world to develop RFA electrodes for the treatment of thyroid nodules and conditions. Over 70% of clinical articles utilize our equipment. That makes RFA machines from STARmed America the most clinically proven equipment available.

Our exceptional service packages continue to set us apart as leaders in the field. Our goal is to provide customer and patient satisfaction, maintaining collaborations with practitioners as we continuously improve our RFA solutions. We hope to become your trusted partner as you work to integrate thyroid RFA machines into your practice.

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Optimize your thermal ablation program with professional RFA training, resources, and real-time support from experienced professionals. Master new procedures and attain optimal outcomes, improving experiences for patients and practitioners alike.

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